The DS Lite Console From Nintendo – Is it the Best Gaming System Money Can Buy?

Is the DS Lite Console From Nintendo better than other console game systems?

Here are the three reasons I think it is:

There are three major differences about the DS lite console that make the console unique. These are:

1. It has two screens.

2. The Wireless Communication System allows multiplayer mode with no extra hardware.

3. It has software for games, for exercising your brain and actual useful applications.

Probably the most most important hardware feature is the dual screen – there’s no other game system like it – the console opens to reveal two ultra bright screens and the lower one is touch sensitive

It’s true that the DS lite does not have the screen resolution of other hand held game systems and can not even match the sound capability of most, but the thing that really sets it apart from all the other consoles is the breath and scope of the games (and other applications) available to play.

Note: The new DSi console has improved sound capability and playback etc. but it is a little more expensive than the DS Lite. Note the DS Lite has the GBA port that allows hardware add-ons and allows you to play legacy Game Boy Advanced games whereas this has been removed from the DSi. This is why I would still recommend the DS Lite as there are not enough applications yet to make the DSi significantly better than the DS Lite. The DS Lite also has a longer battery life.

Sometimes you can make a mistake when choosing a game system and the biggest mistake is choosing a system that is not so popular. This system is one of the most popular selling between 60 million and 100 million (depending on who you listen to!).

The DS lite console from Nintendo is easily the best choice of device for young or old since there are so many valuable applications for older users e.g. Logical system puzzles: ‘Professor Layton and the Curious Village’, ‘Gravity’ presented by Professor Heinz Wolff,’ Brain Age’. For youngsters (or those young at heart) there are the superb arcade games such as Mario Kart, Lego Star Wars etc.

Amongst the most interesting applications are those that provide a useful function and are not just a game. There are applications to train you in different languages e.g. French, Spanish but there are also useful school training programs to help out children learning maths and Engilsh vocabulary. As well as this there is even an application that shows you how to cook recipes while you cook along. This has videos showing cooking techniques and guides you when you should do each part of the recipe.

The DS Lite Console From Nintendo is not only a games machine (although it is excellent for this) it is a useful (and fun) training tool.